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Horoscope of the 12 astrology signs includes Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. See Also: Aries Horoscope in & Lucky Number: 6 Aquarius, Date of Birth: January 20 - February Strength: original, tolerant, ideal.

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For which you must keep the following points in mind:. The coming together of the guru planet Jupiter with the dragon's head Rahu would offer some real opportunities before Jupiter again start A full Vedic Astrological analysis of your birth chart, running into more than 50 pages of prediction of your life.

It provides a complet In these difficult times, when our lives are getting complicated with each passing day. There's a need to reconnect to our lost self and Plan your love life by knowing good and bad times as per planetary transits. So that you avoid making those first moves in times which more.

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Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic astrology

If there is not Mitigation factor then chances of not getting married at all cant be ruled out. If Saturn and Moon is together also afflicted or weak due to sign then there can be a great chances of having Psychological problem and too much of insecurity which will make them unsocial day by day.

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  5. The Remedy of Saturn and Moon I already wrote last month separately,one should follow all those for at least 6 months. Things are bound to get changed. Saturn — Moon Conjunction in Vedic Astrology. Saturn — Sun Conjunction in Vedic Astrology. Saturn — Mars Conjunction in Vedic Astrology.

    Planets simultaneously owning two wealth-giving bhavas become the prime indicators of wealth, the strongest indicator is the one that owns both the 2nd and the 11th bhavas and the next in order are the ones who own the 5th or the 9th. Dhana yogas depend on the lord of the 2nd who determines wealth, in-flow of wealth i.

    Sun and Saturn Conjunction in different Houses

    Dhana yoga occurs- a when the lord of the lagna and the lord of the 2nd together, associate with the lord of the 5th, the 9th or the 11th bhava; b or when the lord of the 2nd associates with the lord of the 5th, the 9th or the 11th bhava; c or when the lord of the 5th associates with the lord of the 9th or the 11th bhava d or when the lord of the 9th associates with the lord of the 11th bhava. Parashara has paid extraordinary attention to the 5th and the 9th bhavas in Dhana yoga formations, thus,. The lagna and the lord of the lagna also contribute to Dhana yoga formation.

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    Because they are the Lakshmisthanas i. Indu lagna is also an indicator of wealth, when several planets associate with it or occupy kendras from it, riches are ensured. In terms of the Parasari principles, the lord of the Dhana bhava i. The lord of the Dhana bhava in its own or exaltation sign and aspected by Jupiter makes one liked by others, famous, wealthy and generous.

    How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life

    The lord of the 2nd in a kendra aspected by Jupiter or Venus and the lord of the 11th house also situated in a trikonabhava makes one very rich. Any association of the lords of the 2nd, the 11th, the 5th, and the 9th bhavas, strong and mutually inclined, indicates gain of wealth.

    The lords of the Dhanasthana and the Labhasthana conjoining in a kendra and vested with strength confer much wealth which increases manifold by these bhava-lords simultaneously associating with the lords of the two trikonas; the trikona-lords are significators of good-fortune, prosperity and great wealth. The lords of the 2nd and the 11th in favourable association with Jupiter make one very wealthy.

    The association of the bhava-lord and the bhava-karaka is essential in any yoga-formation for the sake of bringing out the best results signified by that bhava, both should be vested with requisite strength and be unafflicted. Moreover, a strong benefic planet occupying its exaltation sign in any one of the afore-stated bhavas makes one rich and prosperous.

    Ramanuja in his Bhavartha Ratnakara affirms that an exalted planet situated in the 5th or in the 9th house makes one exceptionally fortunate and famous; exalted planets promote the significances of the bhava they happen to occupy.