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Horoscope of the 12 astrology signs includes Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. See Also: Aries Horoscope in & Lucky Number: 6 Aquarius, Date of Birth: January 20 - February Strength: original, tolerant, ideal.

This stone resonates with the more enchanted aspect of Capricorn, the sign represented by the mythical Sea Goat—a horned creature that has the tail of a fish or mermaid, if you prefer. In fact, Capricorn energy is supremely creative. Think about it: Before a goal can be achieved, it has to be visualized. The goal-setter must hold fast to that dream for the long-haul, even when tangible results have yet to emerge. Martin Luther King Jr.

Working with this reflective silver grey mineral helps to cultivate strength and courage. Galena is also said to counter addiction, radiation and infection.


Onyx : Black Onyx is the stone of mastering your future—a strong theme for this goal-obsessed sign. Onyx brings the proper grounding to balance flightiness or anxiety. It is wonderful for mental and emotional stress. When someone with strong Capricorn energy becomes impatient, it can be especially detrimental. It is said that Capricorns age in reverse, meaning that the older they get, the more youthful and free they become. Onyx is great for Capricorn Season because it restores realistic vision i.

Galena: Galena is a stone of harmony and detoxification. Despite this, Galena is very potent for meditation purposes; just wash your hands after handling the mineral and keep it out of the reach of children. To make meditation a daily habit, start by spending five to ten minutes each morning focusing on your breath and working with these Capricorn-themed intentions and affirmations for your meditation practice.

I work to cultivate my own inner sanctum of security. Technique: Homemade Onyx Gem Elixir Since black onyx is a member of the quartz family and is non-toxic, it can safely be used to create a gem elixir. Your crystal elixir can be ingested by drinking the water. It can be used topically such as on the skin , added to baths, or put in spray bottles to energetically cleanse a space.

You could also put some of that gem elixir into your morning tea or lemon water. For longevity, you can also preserve your elixir by mixing one part of your gem essence water with either apple cider vinegar or an equal amount of brandy or vodka in a glass dropper bottle. Place a drop or two under your tongue each morning, or whenever you feel you want to tap into your Onyx Capricorn energy.

Onyx is great for confronting emotions, or when you feel frustrated or wary and simply need some grounding. Galena Intention : May I continue to use my vulnerability as strength in building toward the greater good. Technique: Capricorn Altar Building To tap into your Capricorn energy, create an altar that has symbols of the things you desire to make manifest in your life.

To bring in the earth energy for Capricorn, incorporate something from nature such as a tree branch, leaf, sea shell, or even a small dish with dirt. Capricorn is also the sign of family legacy. Altars are intuitive creations, so trust what you feel.

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Write down the suggested affirmations and keep the paper in front of you as you relax into meditation mode. Zi is the Rat. Therefore, the name of is called Yang Metal Rat. Yin is female and Yang is male. The color of Metal is White. The first Stem-Branch name is found in the document around B. The original stems and branches only use for counting the days.

January Calendar

Using the season changing information, Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars converted all zodiac signs into five elements. The theory of Five Elements becomes the foundation of Chinese fortunetelling. Yang Metal is sword, steel, ax, big rock or big minerals. Yang Metal is male, hard, sharp, glittering and glaring iron. The characteristics of Yang Metal are brave, steadfast, unyielding and righteous. The other traits of Yang Metal are heartless, flaunt, ruthless and tyrannical. Yang Metal is also connected to strong wind, storm or hurricane.

It can bring rainwater with it. Yang Metal is the 7th element of 10 Heavenly Stems. The color of Yang Metal is white, silver, or light yellow. The location of Yang Metal is in the west. Rat is the first animal sign of 12 Earthly Branches. The Rat is connected to placid water, cold water or rain. Water is related to wisdom and intelligence. So Rat is a clever, tricky, and tactical animal. The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. It is connected to knowledge, memory, and learning. The Rat has a strong memory in learning and remembers the previous life experiences.

The Rat is brilliant, brainy with a sense of creativity.

About Panchang

The characteristics of Rat are agile, active, resourceful, thoughtful, sharp-sighted, staying alert. In Chinese I-Ching, Water is connected to the danger. Rat Month is December, the snow month of the winter. The Rat is connected to the icy water. The other traits of Rat are gloomy, quiet, introverted, conspiring and scheming.

When the Rat is a leader, it owns power and can make decisions. It often takes little advantage of others and gives people pressures. Yang Metal Rat ranks 31st out of 60 Stem-Branches. The color of Yang Metal is white or golden. Yang Metal is connected to the sword, ax, gun or weapon. Yang Metal Rat is a fully armed Rat.

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Yang Metal also stands for a metal boat, ship, submarine or strong wind. Yin Water stands for placid water, cold water or ocean. The sign of Yang Metal Rat is a ship traveling on the ocean. That implies that we need patiently wait for the time to arrive at the destination. It's time to well-prepared for the next coming performance.

The fully armed Rat is ready for battle. The other sign of Yang Metal Rat is strong wind stirring up the water or a potential hurricane. Water represents danger in I-Ching. Hurricane could damage the properties to cause the disputes.